The Studio City Car Alarm Scandal

I think I just started a feud with one of my neighbors…but I do have to say that I’m also very proud of the way I’ve chosen to handle what has become an extremely annoying situation for me. There has been a car parked across the street from us with an alarm that goes off several times a day and no one ever shuts it off. It’s one of those alarms that has that repetitive horn honking sound turned up to “11” (that’s for you “Spinal Tap” fans). It would be extremely annoying for anybody, but for someone who is still recovering from two brain surgeries, it sounds like Roseanne Barr is chewing gum and whining about something as she drags her fingernails across a chalkboard, all while (in the background) Fran Drescher laughs hysterically, Jim Carrey makes that annoying sound from “Dumb and Dumber”, and a jet engine explodes (we’re talking all that combined at the same time with each honk of the horn). Playing music, wearing earplugs, and even using noise canceling headphones can’t seem to do the trick (to stop the agony), so today I finally decided that (like everyone else who doesn’t like confrontation) I would write this person a “stern” letter and put it on their windshield. Well, I actually followed through and just got back from doing exactly that…so we’ll wait to see what happens now. I’ve posted a screenshot of the letter I wrote below for you to read. Feel free to complement or constructively criticize my “stern” letter writing abilities.

Here’s also a video of me placing the note…I’m a little mad at myself because I accidentally broke my own rule and filmed it vertically. I prefer my videos to fit the dimensions of most television/computer/movie screens.

Overall, it felt good to be able to advocate for myself…and besides…this dude better watch out because I’m totally prepared if he decides he wants to try to start anything… Not only am I going to physical therapy twice a week and working out a ton…I’ve also been watching a lot of kung fu movies lately (so basically what I’m saying is if he gets in my face…I’ll just move my lips really rapidly and say things like “You killed my brother. Now you must die!” then make obnoxious high pitched sounds and totally weird him out so he’ll just run away).

On that note. To Be Continued…

Much Love,