Won’t you be my Neighbor?

Coming home from the gym yesterday proved to be difficult as there were police officers blocking off every road near our apartment. We were finally able to persuade an officer to let us through so that we could get home. It turns out that their presence was to provide a route for President Obama’s motorcade as they made their way to George Clooney’s house for a glitzy fundraiser. It turns out that Clooney lives just a mile or two down the street from us and that we actually walk by his house all the time and had no idea. In spite of how you feel about the president, it was a cool moment to be a part of. It’s interesting that in the hometown of some of the biggest celebrities in the world, hundreds of people poured out of their homes to get a glimpse of the President. In LA, everyone is so busy that it’s pretty easy to never even talk to your neighbors, let alone get to know them. Alex has lived in the same building for five years and it was only this past year that we’ve gotten to know our fellow tenants better. Yesterday, we met several of people in our neighborhood, people who’s homes we walk by all the time, people we see walking their dog everyday or at local restaurants and grocery stores. Waiting for the motorcade to come made conversation with strangers very easy and even made it easy for us to share our story. Seeing the faces of people after we told them was another reminder of how caring and loving people can be if just given a chance. Alex even got the chance to meet the driver of the car with the obnoxious alarm that drove him insane when he was first out of the hospital (the-studio-city-car-alarm-scandal and part 2) and also met one of his favorite character actors, Matt Craven, and bonded with him over love of the same films. The event turned emotional as the motorcade drove by and we could see the president wave at us and hear all our neighbors cheer as he drove by. Again, in spite of how you might feel about Mr. Obama, it created a special moment for us where each person in our little neighborhood felt like one with each other (our politics, race, gender, sexuality, or creed didn’t matter). Overall it was a great cathartic experience that was so needed during this tough season.

The Presidential helicopter.

The road in front of our apt is a ghost town.

Matt Craven is there is the yellow. Check him out in “Crimson Tide”, “Disturbia” and “A Few Good Men”.

The crowd waits.

The Motorcade arrives!

Obama is in about four cars down (the one with the flags)

The crowd cheers!!!

Check out the video that Amy shot…Obama is in the second SUV with the flags on it…and as you’ll see, he has quite the entourage.

Much Love,

Alex and Amy