We’re NOT Going to Disneyland!

Last Thursday marked three months since my surgery and I finally got the go ahead to return to most physical activities I was able to do before all this (including doing one of my favorite things…roller coasters!), so we made plans to celebrate at Disneyland today. I’m a bit of a “Dis-nerd” and I remember right before my first surgery I told everyone that going to Disneyland was the one thing I wanted to do most after recovery and when I first woke up in the ICU, our friends Heather and Brian (who both work at Disney) handed Amy and I 4 passes to the park which I think was one of the biggest motivating factors to my speedy recovery (I remember playing the Space Mountain music in my head when I was first in the ICU to motivate me to get better). Well, for anyone that isn’t in LA right now, it has been very stormy today…so our celebration at the happiest place on earth got canceled.

We (RuthMom, Amy, and I) were determined to still have fun and celebrate today and the three of us have been on a kick lately of watching “Feel-Good” movies (We’ve watched pretty much every Whoopi Goldberg movie of the 90’s…which all happen to be on Netflix for some reason) so I threw the idea out of going to see Hugo 3D in downtown L.A. (RuthMom hadn’t seen that part of town yet). I have already seen Hugo 3D, but for me it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time and I really wanted to share it with RuthMom and Amy so we all bundled up, battled traffic, and got there just in time to see the next showing. After the movie was done we decided to get something to eat and the whole L.A. Live area (where the Staples Center is) was packed. We quickly learned that there was a Jay Z/Kanye concert going on and when we found out, I was actually pretty bummed that we weren’t going (mainly because I know it would’ve been amazingly awesome to see RuthMom rocking out to “99 Problems” and “Big Pimpin”). We were eventually able to find a table at “the Yardhouse” and enjoy a nice meal while we watched the Seahawks kick butt on Monday Night Football (BEASTMODE!). So in spite of the disappointment of not going to D-Land, we were still able to find an awesome way to celebrate my milestone.

Watching Hugo 3D


Speaking of milestones, on Tuesday, Dec 13 I have my first MRI since the one I had right when I got out of surgery. Please pray for a clear scan! The doctors did tell me that it will probably show some swelling because of the radiation, but for anyone who has ever had an MRI before, you know how nerve wracking it can be, so prayers of comfort will also be appreciated. If it looks clear then it will also confirm that the treatment so far has been doing it’s job…which is super important. It starts at 9:30 AM and will be about 45 minutes long and then on Wednesday I have an appointment with my oncologist to start Chemo. I’ll make a post all about the Chemo on Wednesday night to let you know all that is involved with that.

Also on Tuesday, I’m sad to report that Amy is actually going to be having an MRI as well. She had asked me not to post anything on it until we knew more about what was going on. Amy has had a history of hypertension (high blood pressure) and she finally had her yearly checkup about a month ago. She met with a new doctor at UCLA and we’re very grateful for her because she took the initiative to be very thorough with Amy. The doctor wanted to look into the possibility of a narrowed renal artery (which she thought would be most likely a genetic thing) and through some blood tests and an ultrasound they still haven’t been able to rule it out so that’s why Amy will be having the MRI. In a lot ways, we’re seeing this as a good thing because it could mean that we’re finally getting at the source of the problem which means we could get rid of it once and for all. Obviously, it’s still scary though and the last thing we need right now. Her MRI is at 3:30 (it will be closer to an hour) and of course we’d love prayers of protection and for the best results possible (it’s also her first MRI and has some issues with claustrophobia).

We’re very grateful that through the blog we’ve been able to build a great network of friends (old and new), family, colleagues etc. that are praying for, encouraging, and supporting us on a daily basis and that when something like what is happening with Amy comes along we can reach out to you and know that you’re there with us.

So grateful that you’re still on this journey with us,