All I Want For Christmas…

We have five nieces and nephews (we call them our “Neph-ieces”) and because Amy is an only child that means they all came from Alex’s two older brothers. The neph-ieces (especially the older ones) are to the age now where they’ve got their Christmas lists’ down to an exact science…we did too when we were their age…Alex even had a Christmas day strategy in which he would try to open his presents in a certain order so that he could build the proper momentum to the grand finale of opening the one big gift he was wanting most that year: it was usually a guitar or a video game (one year he made a mistake and thought he was getting a Nintendo but it was actually just a toy globe). But we have to say that we were pleasantly surprised this year when we received each of the neph-ieces wish lists. This first one is from our niece, Emma.

We're number 1 baby!

Our 4 year old nephew Jonas wrote this letter to his mom and it warmed our hearts so much that it felt like we had just watched “The Help” (Weezer wrote a theme song for him btw…look for “My Name is Jonas” on iTunes).

Jonas' letter to his mama

Our Niece Hannah e-mailed her Christmas List to her mom who then forwarded it on to us. (Seriously? E-mailing your Christmas list? Man, kids these days have it so easy…back in our day we had to print it from a computer, with a monitor that had orange and black graphics, onto a piece of paper with perforated edges on it because it was on a continuos feed. Then we had to carefully tear those edges off and put it on the refrigerator with an “I Heart New Jersey” magnet). What touched us the most was how she prefaced the E-Mail which you can read by clicking the image below (unless you have Superman-like vision then you can probably just read it as is)

Screenshot of Hannah's E-Mail

We’re with Hannah on this one

We just found it so heartwarming to know that in a holiday season that has definitely become mostly about consumerism (did you see the black friday videos? Seriously? C’mon!) our neph-ieces made it a point to show us how much we mean to them. For us, growing up, we knew that Christmas was our one shot each year to get the toys and things that we wanted and with the tough year that it has been for us (especially financially) we were feeling a lot of guilt going into this season because we knew that we couldn’t be as generous as we would like to be (especially with the neph-ieces), but seeing the kids’ wish lists immediately lifted the weight of that guilt and instead brought us much needed healing (which is the reason for the season…am I right? High Five!!!)

The neph-ieces lists encouraged us to post our Christmas list to the blog, so here it is…

All we want for Christmas is:

1) Continued prayer and support

2) Minimal side effects from Chemo for Alex

3) Complete healing and restoration for Alex

4) More acute awareness of and research for brain cancer around the world

5) A full recovery for our friend Joe who just had a second brain surgery

6) Quality time with friends and family.

7) An all expense paid trip to Tahiti…Just throwing it out there ; )

Season’s Greetings,

Alex and Amy