Last year we set some records in terms of participants and funds raised for the annual race to support Brain Cancer Research here in LA. What was Moore awesome is that everyone that… Continue reading

Being Spider-Man

Although I would acknowledge that in some ways I am a bit of a public personality, I am by no means a celebrity, but for a few moments yesterday I was. There is… Continue reading

Leap of Faith (and a Proud Hubby)

The question for Amy and I since the diagnosis has been, “Will God want us to tell our story? If so, in what ways?” Amy got an opportunity this past week to share… Continue reading

Finding David

Famed historic playwright, literary critic, Oscar and Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw once gave a famous quote that a lot of people (especially artists) like to say (or post as their status… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

It’s Amy’s birthday today and I just cherish her so much. Through this picture you can certainly see what keeps me fighting every day…I mean…DAMN! Even when she’s being silly, she’s beautiful. Love… Continue reading

Honest Abe and Me

Got a text at 6 AM this morning and I rolled over and saw that it was from my sister-in-law Cami. I tried really hard to read it but I was having an… Continue reading

Sky Kissing: End of Chemo Cycle 10

Thanks again for all the well wishes in regards to the clear scan. I went from that immediately into taking the latest round of Chemo and I must’ve let my guard down because… Continue reading

Oh, Happy Day!

We’re just elated and walking on clouds with the news of a clear scan today. The specific prayer of “whatever this spot of concern is, would be gone” has been answered. Of course… Continue reading

Never Forget…

“Never Forget…” has become the slogan for remembering the tragedy on September 11, 2001. I will never forget where I was. My family and I were spending the week at Disneyland. My niece… Continue reading

Scaredy Cat!

It was officially a year ago that I went under the knife for a second time during a six week period. I’m so grateful for the doctors at UCLA and their diligence and… Continue reading