Tame The Dragon

One of the many cool things about doing this blog is the amazing people that I’ve been able to meet. Many of them affected by Brain Cancer (either themselves or their loved ones).… Continue reading


Sat in the tube today and was pleased to find out that everything is still looking clear and stable. It still feels so good to get the thumbs up from the doctors. My… Continue reading

So This is the New Normal

After a five month break…we’re back to blogging. When Amy and I started this blog, we decided to call it The New Normal because it reflected the attitude we had going forward with… Continue reading

NEVER AGAIN!: End of Chemo Round 18 (The Final Round)

Today I woke up with a familiar feeling. A feeling that most closely resembles the feeling you get after a heavy night of drinking (or so I’m told…never been much of a drinker).… Continue reading

Save our Brains

Originally posted on Burning Brightly:
The Brain is the most important organ in our body and one that we, quite often, take for granted. It is the command center for absolutely every mental…


Quick Update: My MRI got pushed to next Wednesday May 8 at 9:20 AM…Thanks for your continued prayers and good vibes. It’s May, so pull out your Grey. May is Brain Cancer Awareness… Continue reading

Hitting the Refresh Button: End of Chemo Cycle 17

Second to the last round of Chemo in the bag. Still feeling lethargic and fatigued but who cares? Only one more round left. ┬áIt has been a long journey but in many ways… Continue reading

Things to Come: End of Chemo Round 16

With the good news from the last scan that I will be ending chemo 6 months early, Amy and I have been basking in the gratitude and relief we feel. Now that we… Continue reading

Do the Homer Shake! Another Clear Scan.

After a fun few days in Seattle, I returned to LA to a happy wifey and just in time to have my latest MRI. It was one of the most encouraging appointments I’ve… Continue reading

Thoughts on Fairness

I’m up in Seattle for the weekend. Sadly though it’s for a memorial service for someone who was one of my best friends in high school and college. It feels unjust, unfair, and… Continue reading