Hey everyone! Leaving the hospital right now! Thank you for all your love and support..it definitely helped to give me the courage I needed to fight…I’m so thankful that I have a second… Continue reading

Hospital update

The Doctors came in this morning saying that medically they think Alex is well enough to go home. This was such great news! But due to Alex still feeling it hard to swallow,… Continue reading

Out of the ICU!

We are officially out of the ICU! Alex has remained really stable and for most of today he has been awake and responsive. He sat up in a chair again today, and we… Continue reading


We are still waiting for a bed out of the ICU. Hoping it will be sometime this morning. The one good thing about the ICU though is the extra special care of nurses.… Continue reading

Results of surgery…

Alex is currently in the ICU, however when Ruth and I arrived this morning they told us he has been doing really good and will be moving to a regular room as soon… Continue reading

Surgery update #2

This update comes with good news! Dr. Came and updated us on the surgery. He said that surgery and removal of the tumor could not have gone better. He said that he was… Continue reading

Update to surgery….

Alex went right into surgery right at 7:30am on the dot. They are very prompt here. His Neurosurgeon came in and prayed over him… So sweet. We feel a lot of peace so… Continue reading

The Big Day Ahead

Today, as assumed, has been a day of prep for the Big Surgery tomorrow. Surgery will be at 7:30 am and we have been told that it should last 4 – 6 hours.… Continue reading


We arrived to UCLA through the ER and were able to get in and then admitted to the hospital. As you can see by the time of this post it is late… We… Continue reading

We’re Going In…

Thank you for your prayers, we finally got the go ahead to do surgery (at UCLA if you want to come visit) and we’ll be going in shortly. We’ll keep you posted. God… Continue reading