Thanks Amanda for your tenacity with spreading awareness for Brain Cancer. Us warriors thank you!

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It occurred to me today that when I was new to this world of brain cancer, it was quite an overwhelming place. With the internet, there are countless resources out there, but it is very hard to know where to really connect. So today, #BrainTumorThursday, I thought I would address a couple of ways to connect with others in the brain cancer community.

First, there are two hashtags that are quite popular on Twitter for brain cancer. The first is #BrainTumorThursday, and each Thursday, people will post about brain tumors. The second is #btsm, which stands for “brain tumor social media”. People who are passionate about the cause use these hashtags, and even “meet up” one Sunday a month on Twitter to talk about issues.

On Facebook, there are quite a few groups that deal with very specific tumor types and are geared toward survivors and/or caregivers. Search under specific…

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