Solidarity: #beathelen


Stupid Brain Cancer is playing with fire again by going after another young dynamic couple here in LA. After only being here for about a year (from Kansas), relative newlyweds Josh and Erica Harrold have joined the efforts to annihilate Brain Cancer. Erica was diagnosed with stage 3 about a month ago and will be having her craniotomy tomorrow at USC. Go Trojans! Fight on!

Josh and Erica are a wonderful couple and have taken an amazing attitude right off the bat. They’ve especially been keen on using humor which we all know is the best weapon. They’ve named Erica’s tumor Helen (thus, #beathelen). Watch the video below to learn why (it’s a great story).

You can also read all about their journey at their blog

It’s an honor to have met them and I’m grateful to be able to journey beside them. Please keep them in your prayers and I know they’d greatly appreciate your encouragement and support.


The surgery should start around 12:30 pm PST. Please say a special prayer for them at that time.

In Solidarity,