Save our Brains

So grateful to my college friend Lynnea who has been going through her own battle with Breast Cancer for taking the time to spread the word about Brain Cancer Awareness.

Burning Brightly

The Brain is the most important organ in our body and one that we, quite often, take for granted. It is the command center for absolutely every mental and physical function. I am able to type this blog post because a group of neurons in my brain are putting words together into ideas that hopefully make sense. 🙂 Some other neurons simultaneously break the words down into letters and send electrical and chemical signals to my fingers to type the appropriate keys on this keyboard. The human body is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

May is Brain Cancer Awareness month and a message that I am happy to highlight on thisAlex Moore blog. Brain Cancer is one of the rarest forms of cancer so it doesn’t get the awareness it deserves. I have a friend from college, Alex Moore, who through his own battle with this disease has educated me on the need for more attention…

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