Do the Homer Shake! Another Clear Scan.


After a fun few days in Seattle, I returned to LA to a happy wifey and just in time to have my latest MRI. It was one of the most encouraging appointments I’ve have had in a long time. Lately I’ve been feeling that I’d prefer to not do a full two years of Chemo if I can avoid it. Without me saying anything about this to my oncologists they insisted that I stop at 18 months because they don’t see a need for further treatment past that. They also don’t want to risk any further deficits from taking the Chemo for so long (especially if it’s not necessary). This all means that I will be done with treatment by June (Y’ay!!!). Thank you for your continued prayers and support and I insist that you take a moment to enjoy the “Homer Shake” on my behalf (because let’s be honest… you’re sick of all those Harlem Shake videos).

Much Love,