Do Not Be Afraid (A Theory): End of Chemo Cycle 15

Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” – Matthew 10:9


During this latest round of Chemo I discovered that the phrase “Do not be afraid” appears over 365 times in the Bible. That means there is a daily reminder to…well…not be afraid. With all the chaos going on in the world it’s super easy to be scared. When I turn on the news and surf around the internet, I find many reasons to be afraid. I also see that lots of other people find many reasons to be afraid as well. Here are some examples of things that I’ve seen and heard on repeat the last couple months: “The world is ending “, “Our economy is imploding “, “Our society is going into the crapper”, “the Zombie Apocalypse is coming and the government is gonna take away our guns so we can’t defend ourselves against the undead”. If you choose to believe all this stuff then those are valid reasons to be scared. Recently, I personally have had some people I know within the Brain Cancer community discover that they may have a dreaded recurrence (the thing that we all fear as Cancer patients). Of course that leaves me feeling unsettled, but does that mean that I should be afraid? I think everyone would agree with me with a resounding “NO”. Does that mean I should remain vigilant? Sure.

I’m finding in my own journey that there is a very fine line between being afraid and remaining vigilant, because in a lot of ways they feel the same (especially because I like to believe that I’m taking a “proactive” approach to life). I’ve discovered that it really comes down to a simple question. When I’m feeling anxious or even very heated about something, I ask myself, “Why are you feeling this way? Are you afraid?” I’ve learned that 99% of the time my answer is “yes”. I actually see that as a good sign ’cause it means I’m human. To me, remaining vigilant means that I acknowledge the threat, but choose to trust in Hope. There is no room for being afraid if I trust in Hope. I often wonder what would happen if those of us who are embedded in a culture of fear (and I think that is most of us), chose to put all our trust in Hope, instead of resting on our laurels.

When I ponder that, I can clearly see the world (Kingdom) that Christ so often described. I truly believe that the Cynics, the Jaded, the Snarky, the Too Smart for Their Own Good, the Elitists, the Doomsday Preppers, the “Culture War”mongers, the Know-it-Alls, the Loudmouths, the Greedy, the Materialistic, the Judgmental, the Bigoted, the Sycophantic, the Apathetic, the Perverted, the Absent, the Power Hungry, etc. would not be able to get a foothold on anything if all of us took to heart the sage advice, given to us by our Creator and Redeemer, of “Do Not Be Afraid”.

Happy Valentine’s Day,