What I Learned From My Top Ten Films of 2012

I’m continuing my yearly tradition of “what I learned from my favorite films of the year”. Every year there seems to be an overwhelming theme in the films released that year. For example a lot of the themes of 2011, I believe, dealt with romanticism and nostalgia. I believe that a lot of the themes of 2012 dealt with the friction created by the dual nature of the human condition (good/evil, spiritual/physical, faith/reason, grace/law, master/slave, confidence/pride, idealism/realism etc). This was a year of amazing technical and substantive filmmaking and a lot of the movies I picked was for that reason.

10. Prometheus

“The question “why?” is what makes us human…and also, like all of the “Alien” movies, never trust an android.”














9. Les Miserables

“Man’s relationship with Grace is best summed up in a song (well…several songs)”














8. Lincoln

“Not much has changed in politics”














7. Skyfall

“Don’t you dare blow up a man’s Aston Martin.”













6. Zero Dark Thirty

“What do we do when the things we reach for to give us purpose hit a dead end? Also, don’t ever get in the way of an obsessed red head.”














5. The Master

” Trying to fix ourselves (or others) eventually becomes a futile effort, and drinking paint thinner is bad for you”














4. Moonrise Kingdom

“Fairy tales come from real life.”















3. Django Unchained

“Everyone, no matter how the world views them, has their mountain to conquer”














2. The Avengers

“View your wounds and the strength you gain from them as a “terrible privilege”. Also, don’t underestimate people in costumes.”














1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

“Those unexpected journeys we end up on often reveal to us the strength we always knew we had, but somewhere along the way chose not to believe. Also, don’t underestimate little people with hairy feet”