Aloha: End of Chemo Cycle 14

Sunset over Waikiki

I was very sick the last week and half (got the flu) and am just finishing this now:

After celebrating a very reassuring Clear Scan, another year of life (my birthday), and finishing round 14 of Chemo, Amy and I took off to Hawaii with my Father-in-Law (who is quite the traveler and adventure seeker). Although it was not technically my first time there (my family went when I was 13 months), it certainly was an entirely new experience for me. I really wanted the “touristy” version of Hawaii so that I could get acquainted with the culture and be able to say I’ve done the things that everyone does when they visit Hawaii.

We stayed right off Waikiki Beach, visited the North Shore, spent Inauguration Day at Pearl Harbor, Hiked to Manoa Falls, and went to a Luau (Yes there is a picture of me doing the Hula). The biggest thing that I’ll take from my time there is the idea of Aloha. Yes it is a greeting, but it’s mostly a cultural attitude centered around affection, peace, mercy, and compassion. I felt like everyone we met there was family (even the drunk guy that hit on me at the beach: that’s a long story).

I also was able to fully participate in all the activities (surfing, hiking, snorkeling, lots of sightseeing, and, again, hula dancing) and that made me feel a freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time. Not once did I think that I’m still under treatment for Brain Cancer. I actually completely forgot about it and that was a great relief. After Amy and I got back, we made a promise to each other to vacation more often : ) I’ve provided some pics below. Thanks for still being a part of the journey.

Much Love,



I’ve been taking a break from blogging to focus on a screenplay inspired by my journey that I should be done with in the next few weeks. I’m excited to tell you all about it once it’s finished.


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