Clear Scan and Heroes of Hope!

In case you haven’t heard, I did get a clear scan yesterday, so thank you so much for your prayers and good vibes. I also have decided to continue my chemo treatment for at least another 6 months (but most likely a year). After having some time to think and pray and seek counsel, I’ve decided that it’s for the best.

It has been a joyous few days for Amy and I as we had a ton of her family down for the Heroes of Hope race. The race that many of us participated in last year to raise money for Brain Cancer research. Last year, I was in the middle of radiation and it just felt good to be able to walk it.  This year I am glad to report that I ran the entire 5K and did it in under 30 minutes without a lot of training. Just a little backstory, I have done a ton of races before but I never usually run the entire thing (I’m just not that into running) so for me it was a real accomplishment. This year we had beautiful weather and a fellow warrior, Raechal, and her husband Scott running with us. It is always a mixed bag of emotions at events like this because you meet people who have lost loved ones recently but also hear stories about long term survivors and get the latest news about breakthroughs in research. Overall it’s always great to bring together family and friends for a great cause, especially one that not only effects me in a very direct way but them as well. I’m always humbled by that fact.

I’ve got to continue the post CLEAR SCAN celebration song tradition…I chose a classic…Enjoy!

Much Love,