Brick by Brick: End of Chemo Cycle 11

Just finished Cycle 11 of Chemo. One more cycle left and I’ll hit the year mark. Now, I was originally only prescribed 12 cycles but at my last oncology appointment we discussed the possibility of continuing treatment if I was feeling up for it. With that being said, this next cycle of Chemo will either be my last or I will only be half way there (or perhaps 2/3 of the way there). At this point I’m feeling up to continuing treatment, but I won’t decide officially until I’m done with the next cycle and have had my next MRI (which is on November 7 btw). I would love prayers and good thoughts for guidance in decision making. I found this random clip of Will Smith echoing the sentiment of how I’m feeling about moving forward.

Also, thank you so much to those that have already donated to the No Moore Brain Cancer team for the Heroes of Hope Race to raise money for Brain Cancer research. We still have a ways to meet our financial goal. Please consider donating. Click the link below.

No Moore Brain Cancer