Being Spider-Man

Although I would acknowledge that in some ways I am a bit of a public personality, I am by no means a celebrity, but for a few moments yesterday I was. There is a really cool hiking spot just down the street from Amy and I with a trail that actually ends by George Clooney’s house. It’s not unusual to see a celebrity every now and again on the hike and although I’ll admit that I can get starstruck, my rule of thumb is to never bother a celebrity if I see one. I have frequently seen people freak out and run up to a celebrity hiking on the trail asking to take a picture with them. What I haven’t seen is someone freaking out by seeing me.

As I made it up the steepest part of the hike, two women in their early 40’s passed me and I noticed them staring at me as they passed. As I rounded the corner, one of the women was reaching into her backpack and pulled out a pen. She held it out in front of me and asked, “Would you mind giving me an autograph?” She then pulled out a spider-man comic book.

My response was, “UHHHHHHHHHH……”

It then clicked with her, “Oh, I’m sorry, hahaha…I thought you  were Tobey Maguire.”

By this point we had gathered a tiny crowd. She apologized profusely and I apologized for not being Spider-man as I heard people snicker behind me. I told her not to feel bad and said that if she wanted to, I could pretend to be him and she could take a photo with me, and she obliged. I think somewhere on Facebook there is a pic of me with my arm around her with the caption, “Me with Tobey Maguire”, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I was a bit stunned by the comparison because I don’t really see (other than having blue eyes) the similarity, I’ll let you decide.