Honest Abe and Me

Got a text at 6 AM this morning and I rolled over and saw that it was from my sister-in-law Cami. I tried really hard to read it but I was having an awesome dream where Amy and I were on a tropical vacation so I tried to fall back asleep as quick as I could because my dreams are the only place where I can actually get a sun tan. When I finally came to around 9 AM, I took the time to read it and was very touched by the text. It turns out that my niece Hannah had to write a report for class on “courage” and had to pick a historical and present day “hero” to highlight. Her choices? Abraham Lincoln and her Uncle Alex. I was very flattered, to say the least. Not only do I like to know that I’m a representation of “courage” to someone that I love and deeply cherish but she put me in the same category of a historical figure that I also admire a lot (and I’m sure you admire him too).

Here is a brief excerpt from her report…

So sweet and well written, right? I’m a proud uncle. A couple years ago, I read a book about Lincoln called, “Team of Rivals”, and Spielberg’s new film about him is based on it. What struck me most about “Honest Abe” (in the book) was definitely his courage. Although, the president had an impeccable ability for communicating and decision making, it was his ability to listen (no matter who it was or what it was about) that granted him that courage and I can only hope that in my own life I can continue to be in the same camp as Abraham Lincoln (at least in the eyes of my niece) when it comes to courage. Also, I hope that I can some day rock a cool beard like him.

Much Love,