Sky Kissing: End of Chemo Cycle 10

Thanks again for all the well wishes in regards to the clear scan. I went from that immediately into taking the latest round of Chemo and I must’ve let my guard down because it kicked my butt pretty hard this time. It’s all good though, I got lots of rest and caught up on my Netflix queue. However I did start feeling the effects of Chemo Brain “hazy and fatigued” and it’s bringing an interesting dynamic to my existence…it was bothering me a lot today so I took a little walk to look for the space shuttle “Endeavor” flyover.

I was standing near a Jamba Juice when everyone rushed out of the joint to get a glimpse of the retired space orbiter.  When I saw the shuttle my inner space nerd was released and I told all the surrounding juice makers, fitness buffs, and plasticized “alien looking” middle aged moms wearing jumpsuits, the story of Endeavor and how it was built as a replacement vessel for the Challenger and gave details about it’s missions to the Hubble telescope and the International Space Station. I always enjoy seeing people’s eyes light up when they gain insight into the feats of space exploration. One of the moms said, “How do you know all this stuff?” and my response was, “For some reason I have this knack for retaining useless knowledge.” She then flattered me by saying, “Well it’s not useless. I now have a much better appreciation for what mankind has accomplished and I have you to thank for that”.

I immediately felt bad for judging this woman based on her plastic surgery addiction and was reminded of the importance of compassion for all people (even those people that look like aliens…I’m so terrible). Like I said, my mind has been foggy all week and I love that I ended my Chemo round by literally looking to the sky as that has many metaphorical implications. My theme song for the week has been one of my favorite songs, “Purple Haze” by Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix. The lyrics of that song perfectly sum up the way I’m feeling right now and I’m confident that as I continue to kiss the sky, all this haze will eventually disappear.

Purple haze all in my brain

lately things don’t seem the same

Acting  funny and i don’t know why

excuse me while i “kiss the sky”

Much Love,