Oh, Happy Day!

We’re just elated and walking on clouds with the news of a clear scan today. The specific prayer of “whatever this spot of concern is, would be gone” has been answered. Of course my doctor speculated on what it could’ve been (scarring etc) but all I wanted to hear was that it was clear and it was, so praise be to God. I’m especially grateful to you for your prayers and may this help strengthen your faith that God hears your prayers.

Amy has pointed out to me that she knows I’m happy if I’m whistling (apparently that is something that both of my brothers and I all do). Well, at this point, I can’t whistle as well as I used to (the left side of my face is still not fully back to normal) but I attempted to whistle one of my favorite Gospel songs when we were leaving the hospital, “Oh, Happy Day!” and I was reminded of this scene from one of my guilty movie pleasures, “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” (hey…don’t laugh). Enjoy!

Mucho Love,