Scaredy Cat!

It was officially a year ago that I went under the knife for a second time during a six week period. I’m so grateful for the doctors at UCLA and their diligence and commitment to curing Brain Cancer and caring for their patients. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared out of my mind  the days leading up to the surgery, but once I woke up from it and knew that the tumor was completely resected, I’ve lived in hope and am still there as I wait for the MRI we’ve all been waiting for which is scheduled for 7:45 am on Wednesday September 12. I ask you say a prayer and send good vibes at that time.

On the subject of being scared, Amy and I were playing with our Kitty, “Girl”, the other day and filmed it and wanted to share it with you because we thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy!

Much Love,