No Extra Parts: End of Chemo Cycle 9

Thanks to everyone that has been checking in. I’ve actually been doing pretty well. I feel like I’m going beyond just the “intellectual understanding” of what it means to “be present” and actually being present. That has helped me not get too caught up in this “spot of concern” (the more I think about it, it’s actually just a “dot” of concern). Knowing that I’m being prayed for helps with that a lot, and as I rested and meditated through this latest round of Chemo, I was reminded of this scene from my favorite film from last year, “Hugo”.

What struck me is to remember that if I have purpose then that means that everyone has purpose and that alone has made me more mindful on a moment to moment basis of others as well as myself. I’m realizing that that is the definition of “being present”. It’s from there where we have a choice with what to do with our purpose.

Thanks for the continued prayers and good vibes,