A Little Punk Rock Tribute to our “Bro”, Brad!!!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for Brad and his family. Brad finally passed the torch on to me and my fellow Brain Cancer Annihilators yesterday around noon. He is going to be missed by many, especially by those of us in LA!!!

Here is a eulogy for Brad written by my good friend and fellow warrior Joe Northrup:

“I didn’t know Brad for a long time, but I’m glad I got to know him in the short time I did.  While I knew him, I witnessed him change from being afraid to being hopeful and happy.  Even though we became friends under unusual conditions, I am glad he found a group of friends to help him through dark times.  He was a good guy who had a lot of new friends who cared about him.  I remember the very first time I met him, he was processing having to battle cancer again and was thinking about his past.  I remember it really stuck with me when he said he had spent a large chunk of  his young adult life working in an industry he didn’t like, that he was tired of being part of the “military-industrial” complex, and wishes that he could’ve given more time to helping people.  In the time that I knew him, I’m glad that I got to see him find contentment in his life and find activities and groups of people that he enjoyed.  Brad was brave and battled hard to find joy in his last moments, I know he will be missed by many (especially by his new brain tumor friends).  When I was thinking about what he said that day, I heard this punk rock anthem playing in the background.”


Much Love,

Alex and Joe