Greetings from Lake Siskiyou: End of Chemo Cycle 7


Celebrating the end of this cycle with a little trip with my family to Lake Siskiyou right at the base of Mt. Shasta in NorCal. It has been restful, peaceful, and fun, but hard because Amy couldn’t make it. I’m missing her dearly but am very excited to see her when I get back.

My fatigue has worsened this past month and before I left for the trip I was catching up on Season 2 of “Through the Wormhole” with everyone’s favorite narrator, Morgan Freeman (it’s sorta like the old PBS show “Cosmos” with Carl Sagan). It looks at the science and evidence for how space, time, our galaxy, the universe etc works (or may work in theory). What the show proves is that absolutely no one is certain of how any of it works beyond what we can perceive and measure within the confines of that perception which I believe is a great reminder for all of us. It also demonstrates how cool and vast and so perfectly crafted creation itself is. Watching all the episodes fed well into my week here of basking in the beauty of God’s creation.


Through the Wormhole

One of my favorite episodes so far is the one about “Time”. What physics and science have allowed us to see is that time is hard wired in us, it may exist outside of us, but our minds are built in such a way that in spite of how time itself exists we are meant to experience it in such a way that we feel that it moves in a linear fashion. We can only know for certain what it is that we are experiencing in this particular moment. I basked in that fact this week. I felt relieved that I don’t have to live in the future or dwell in the past. I find it very funny how people think they are so certain about the future sometimes. You just need to read Facebook to see how everyone is an expert on the cataclysms of certain plans and choices. I’ve been so encouraged this past year because God has given me glimpses into the future every now and again. All I know is that “knowing wisdom is for my soul; if I find it; there will be a future, and my hope will not be cut off.” – Proverbs 24:14. The Lord also declared to me, “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11

It’s a gift to get glimpses of a future that is filled with hope and an eternal life with God. Ultimately though I’m so glad that both people and “time” are built in such a way that we can live our lives without the responsibility of having to know our future but knowing that whatever happens it won’t be doom and gloom but grace filled and hopeful. Thanks for all your prayers. I know that they’ve altered my future in ways that none of us may ever truly understand. However my future ends up, all I can guarantee is that it will be one filled with hope and love.

Our Awkward Family Photo

Vera, my ginger baby model niece.

The Dorky Moore Boys.

Much Love,