Out of the Grey

Some of you may have noticed the tab above that says “Out of the Grey” podcast, or may have even noticed the Out of the Grey Facebook Page. “Out of the Grey” is something that I’m starting that I hope will fill a gap that I discovered in the midst of dealing with my diagnosis. I’m an avid podcast listener and have found them to be very helpful in my life in terms of gaining knowledge as well as connecting with a certain community that may share a similar interest or passion. In the age of smart phones, tablet computers, etc. they are a very simple tool that can help you pass the time on boring drives, plane rides, disgusting subway rides, or even help you ignore annoying people that may be talking your ear off in a coffee shop or anywhere really….they can even be people you know (all you gotta do is put your ear buds in and act like your taking a phone call. It works like a charm every time). I’m also a big NPR nerd and love shows like “All Things Considered…” and “This American Life” and have found that those shows help inspire me to learn and care about people and/or causes that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten the chance to hear about. That to me is the foundation for what the “Out of the Grey” podcast will be. I hope to be able to tell stories of those directly affected by Brain Cancer, those that work with Brain Cancer patients, perhaps those that are working on finding better treatments, and even those that come alongside patients and help them in other ways to help improve their quality of life (I have met many of these people and am very grateful for them).

Here’s a little blurb about it to give you a better idea for the vision of what I’m trying to do…

“Out of the Grey”

“Providing Help, Hope, and Humor for the Brain Cancer Community”

In dealing with my own diagnosis I discovered that there wasn’t much out there in terms of what I like to call “21st Century resources” that would help me gain important knowledge and connect with others in the ways that I believe are crucial to anyone dealing with a potentially deadly illness like Brain Cancer.

I love stories. I love telling stories. writing stories. sharing stories. reading stories and of course hearing stories. I believe, and I know I’m not alone in this, that stories are the best ways to engage one another, and for me it was reading the testimonials of long term survivors that immediately gave me hope when I was first diagnosed. So my hope now is to format this podcast in a way that allows story to be at the forefront of each episode and that you as the listener will become absorbed and lost in the testimonials or conversations or interviews that we end up doing on this podcast. My hope is also that this will eventually stretch beyond the Brain Cancer Community so that people not directly affected by this disease will hear our stories and will feel inspired to advocate on our behalf as we hopefully move forward to a potential cure that would not only benefit us as a community but would benefit humanity as a whole (Sorry, I’m probably a bit ambitious…but, hey, stranger things have happened).

~ Alex Moore (Host of “Out of the Grey”)

If all goes to plan, the first couple episodes will be online and on iTunes next week. Wish me luck.
Much Love,