Parking Our Priorities

Amy and I live right by what’s considered to be one of the worst parking lots in Los Angeles. That’s saying a lot considering that LA is the bad parking lot capital of the world. We have to go there a lot because it’s where the closest Trader Joe’s is. Every time we go there it’s complete mayhem. I’ve seen at least 7 or 8 car accidents, 4 or 5 fights (one of which involved Shia Labeouf), a bank robbery, and the aftermath of a stabbing. Most of the time Amy and I walk there, because every time we would drive and try to park there, our blood would boil to the point that we could make hot tea for a vampire. Well, today Amy and I decided that we needed to make a stop there on our way back home and as we pulled in we remembered very quickly why we never drive there. Drivers will risk an accident, or run you over, for the sake of finding a spot, and that mentality was still very present as we searched for a parking spot today. However, for Amy and I, this time was different for us as we remained calm and let everyone else be jerks. This was a real sign of growth to us, especially during this season of recovery. We didn’t feel a need to take on the “survival of the fittest” attitude, and as a white Toyota Solara almost backed into us to take the spot we already claimed with our blinker, we chose to back away (and not honk at them or do any other not so nice things) and wouldn’t you know it, a car pulled out right in fromt of and we were able to park before the frantic Solara : P. This for us symbolized the importance of “letting go” and not “stressing out” amidst all the chaos that life throws at us. It was funny though because when we tried to get back into our car, after we ran our errand, we were reminded (once again) why it is considered one of the worst parking lots in Los Angeles. The cars that parked next to us, while we were inside, pretty much made it impossible for us to get into our car. This time though, instead of stressing out, we decided to have a little fun with it. Check out the video below.

Much Love,