A Progress in Work

Sorry for not updating in awhile but there was a reason for it. Amy and I took a mini vacation for our anniversary a month ago and then I was offered a filming gig (thanks Tami) that I had to prep for and then just got back from, last night. The gig was originally supposed to be a one day thing in Santa Barbara and it eventually evolved into a four day cross country three city extravaganza. I was hired by a company based in Qatar to document some of the partnerships that they have with American universities to help play a role in pushing forward a “global knowledge based economy”. I brought my “brain buddy” (brain “brother”, actually) Joe with me and had a blast. Joe is about 5 months out since his second surgery and an aggressive treatment plan and it’s now been 7 months since my second surgery (in a month) and 5 months since starting treatment and all I gotta say is that Joe and I kicked some major butt! The traveling and the demanding schedule (and tons of walking) would’ve taken it’s toll on anyone but we were able to endure it like pros. We started our journey in Indiana at Purdue, then made a quick stop at M.I.T., and ended in DC. I always love to visit the East Coast because of all the history that is there (and of course family as well) and even though it was super muggy, it was still a worthwhile trip that gave both Joe and I the confidence to keep pushing forward with our lives.

This was the first job that I’ve taken since the diagnosis and I have to admit that knowing the amount of support that I have, gave me the courage and confidence to walk with my head held high (I was also holding it high because I’m trying to improve my posture). During the entire trip, I was able to be present, loving, and kind to others (with no chip on my shoulder) and felt no real reason to prove myself to anyone or have anyone show me pity because of my “condition”. Knowing this fact helped me to realize that, even with a tough stressful week of Chemo, like I had the week before, there is always hope around the corner. Aside from all that, the best part of the trip was, honestly, the opportunity to bond with Joe and share some fun experiences with someone that knows exactly what I’m going through (physically, mentally, emotionally, and even professionally).

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Here’s A Slideshow of Alex and Joe’s Cross Country Adventure

In Front of M.I.T. Campus. This is my “Smart” pose.

Joe Rockin’ it at Purdue.

Showing our school pride at the WWII Memorial in DC.

Showing our new home state some love at the WWII Memorial as well.

Posing at The DC Mall with a “Segue” Mob.

Visiting the Smithsonian.

Sorry, I’ve always been suspicious of puppets.

Joe-a, the explor-a


Made it over to the Natural History Museum. Scary! Where’s Ben Stiller when you need him?

They Live!!!


Thanks to Coach Bart for showing us a great time in DC!