Peace By Inches: End of Chemo Cycle 5

Just finished round 5 of chemo and it was a little rough this time. I believe that I know the culprit though…and it’s STRESS! Stress comes from many different influences and the biggest one for me is my own sense of worth in the midst of this disease. After a great month of feeling energized, strong, and excited…I was starting to feel myself ready to slowly come out of the cocoon of recovery and be a fully flourishing butterfly but unfortunately the reality of the harshness of the world was there waiting to greet me and I realized that I’m still not as equipped as I hoped I would be and that became the source of my stress. My worry about the stress has taken me back to the theme of this blog which I think can be described in two ways. Either as the importance of  taking “baby steps” (the “What About Bob” route) or clawing for “peace by inches” (the “Any Given Sunday” route). Either way I’m thankful for the reminder that there is still a ways to go for me on this road to recovery and that I don’t have to freak out when I feel worry or stress because I know that the more I focus on the “now”, the day will eventually come when I’m truly ready to fly.



Much Love,