To you Alex…4 years and still rocking

I wanted to surprise Alex for our anniversary today… And write him a letter here on the blog since I know it means a lot to him, and because sometimes I want to scream from a mountain top and shout, “I love Alex Moore!” one of those, telling the world of my love and adoration for him… So, here is a pretty big mountain top…the Internet.

My dear Alex,

When I got all dressed up for you this day four years ago… I couldn’t wait to be called YOUR wife. What an honor, privilege and gift. I said every word of our vows joyfully. From that moment on.. The vows ring in my mind when we have walked through challenging moments. I have remembered those sacred words and public testament of the commitment I have made to God and to you.

Looking back over the past four years… It is obvious that year three has been our most challenging. Yet…. I see it as the BEST. Your bravery, courage, strength, humility, and faith have awed me. I feel closer, stronger in our marriage covenant than ever before. Although you know I would have never asked for such difficult circumstances, I would also not ask for complacency either( although that sounds nice sometimes, no a lot of the time:)). Thank you honey for fighting HARD and for continuing to persevere. We are united in our journey and in the fight. Everything I do, I do with you as my motivation.

Here is to 40 moore years of marital bliss! I know now more than ever that I can get through any season of life with you by my side!

Happiest day of my life!

I love you!!



I don’t know how you do it, but you are even more handsome than the day I married you.