Reliving High School

“Reliving High School” by Alex Moore

Amy and I got to go on a date last night and we decided to give it the theme of “reliving high school”.  We went to go see Titanic in 3-D which originally came out when I was a senior in high school. Amy would’ve been a sophomore (that’s right I’m dating an underclassman) and we picked up Chic fil a on the way (it was our first time). The only thing that I would’ve done differently, if I could, was driven (but you see I’m what they call a “bad boy”, my leather jacket proves that, and I got my driver’s license revoked so Amy had to drive). As we got to the theater, I smoothly tried to hold Amy’s hand, and it made my heart skip a beat when she let my fingers slip between hers. We went and sat down right when the movie was starting.

We’re West Coast kids so it was our first time having “Chic Fil A”

Titanic is a long movie, with lots of action and scares, and tons of romantic moments, so I knew that I had a chance to put my arm around her and hold her, but I had to wait for the right timing. That timing came when Jack put Rose on the railing and put her arms out like she was flying. As Rose laughed and enjoyed her moment of “pure freedom”, I put my arm around Amy and she immediately snuggled into me. This was my chance, so I worked up the nerve to ask her. I nuzzled into her, then softly whispered in her ear, “Will you go to Prom with me?” She looked up, stared at me with her chocolate almond eyes and said, “Let’s see how the rest of the date goes.” My heart sunk into my stomach but I knew that she was just playing “hard to get”.


We continued to snuggle for the rest of the movie. I think she would’ve laid in my arms completely if it weren’t for a stubborn cup holder. Tears were shed by both of us as the movie ended (which I’ll admit I probably forced out of me a little so that I’d appear “sensitive” to Amy). As we left the theater, we tossed our 3-D glasses into a blue hamper and entered the cold Spring Hollywood evening air. Amy said that she was hungry so I threw out the idea of going to a diner, knowing that it would give me more of a chance to woo her and get her to go to prom with me. We settled on “Twains” in Sherman Oaks where we each enjoyed some decaf coffee and a light meal. I amped up the charm big time and got her to laugh and repeatedly show that smile that melts my heart every time I see it. I had charmed her so much that I was certain that after I paid the check that I would be able to get a solid, “Yes” from her regarding the Prom request. I asked her again as we left the diner and her response this time put my nerves in overdrive, she said, “We’ll have to see how the goodnight kiss goes and I’ll decide then.” As we left the diner I repeatedly licked my lips making sure that they were good and moist. We got to the apartment, she parked the car, looked at me, and I went in for the kill, and as our lips connected…fireworks (imagine Katy Perry singing this)!!! Fireworks that actually returned us to reality. A reality that was much better than some silly high school role play. It was a reality where we were living in the prime of our lives. A reality where I’ve already won the biggest prize, Amy was more than a prom date, she was my wife. A wife that I never thought I’d feel so close and connected to in all my years. A marriage that has a depth to it, that unfortunately, most don’t have. For us it has mainly come from an affliction that we never wished for. Amy and I both often wonder what we would’ve thought of each other if we knew each other when we were kids…but we then quickly remind ourselves that “the now” is all that matters and I’ll tell you what, “the now” feels pretty wonderful in spite of the circumstances, and because of  that, I feel like I’m the “King of the World!”

“Never Let Go!”

Much Love,



Please watch my BFF and producing partner, Richard Blake, on NCIS: Los Angeles tonight April 10. He got to run away from an exploding car and hang out with L.L. Cool J. A dream come true for him!

Richard is the handsome one.