“Let’s Get Physical” part II

Amy and I decided early on that we would celebrate every little victory along the way and today was one of those victories worth celebrating. One of my favorite things to do is to be active and when I first learned that I had Brain Cancer and that I could potentially become paralyzed (even though the doctors were pretty convinced that the paralysis would be temporary), I immediately was worried about not being able to do one of the biggest things that I love to do. I went and visited my primary care doctor about a week after the first surgery, her name is Doctor Abrahamian (Like Abraham but with my middle name tagged on the end). She was the first medical professional we met with that was confident that I would make a full recovery and that I would be doing everything that I love and more “eventually”. Her advice though was to make sure that I took it easy in the interim and to not push myself too hard until my body told me I was ready (BTW, Dr. “A”…as we call her…reminds us of an “Armenian” version of Edna from “The Incredibles”). Even though we’re not out of the woods yet…today was a reminder for us of what Dr. A promised us many months ago. Amy, Stacemom, and I went to a local park and tossed the Frisbee around. Frisbee (more specifically “Ultimate” Frisbee) is one of my favorite things to do to stay active (but was worried I wouldn’t get to do again when I was first diagnosed). It has always been one of my favorite workouts because you are doing full sprints, as well as many other aerobic exercises, while having fun at the same time. When I started physical therapy, I could barely lift my legs to do basic stretches and strengthening exercises and I struggled a lot with balance, but I’m pleased to report that today felt like I had never stopped playing frisbee or working out in the first place. We took pictures and video to capture the occasion and celebrate this “little victory”.

Sorry...just showing off a little...just a little though. Photo Credit: StaceMom and Amy

Our hope in pointing out these little victories along the way (and what they mean to us) is that not only would those of you who have been praying for us and following our journey along the way be encouraged…but that those of you, for whatever reason, that may feel stuck where you’re at right now (I also know that there are some of you, because of various physical limitations, can’t be very active right now and that understandably bums you out) would still be encouraged because of what it represents to us and that is…progress. I’m part of the “instant gratification” generation and if Dr. “A” would’ve said to me that you’ll do what you love again but it will take about 9 months to a year…I don’t think that I would’ve been happy with that (and had the patience). All she said was “eventually” and what that did do, was provide hope for me, and all I did as a result of that hope was walk towards it little by little each day. I’ve been grinning all day because of feeling that hope and seeing that progress. I was also thinking about Dr. A’s name today . Abrahamian = Abraham + Ian. Abraham means “father of nations” and of course made me think of Abraham from the Bible. His story is one that reminds us of the constant struggles and challenges that life brings us, but it’s mostly a reminder of the importance of trusting in “God’s promises”. Ian is my middle name and a variation on the name “John” which means “God is Gracious”. I can’t think of a better message or theme for me during this time of recovery (or really any of us when we face challenges and trials of any kind).

Dr. "A"...Our hope doctor!

StaceMom has mad Frisbee Skillz (by the way). Check out the little demonstration video we put together, below.

Much Love,