Blame it on the “Brain”

Yesterday, I spent a day at the park with two “brain tumor” buddies, Joe and Chris. Both of them had the same initial diagnosis as I did and both of them also work or worked in film. Chris has an eighteen month old son, named “Jackson” and the three of us sat around a playground, watching Jackson go repeatedly down a slide and play with other kids’ toys in the sand. Being able to spend time with other people impacted by the same disease is always cathartic. It’s interesting how open you end up being with people that you just met (or barely remember meeting…we are brain patients after all) when you are all going through such a painful and heart wrenching disease together. I don’t ever remember a time where I’ve been so open with people about personal stuff and it’s interesting because I consider myself a guy who has always worn his heart on his sleeve and strives for authentic and transparent relationships. There must be something about facing a life threatening disease that has made that even more of a reality for me. With that being said, I still think it’s important to create boundaries for yourself, especially when it comes to talking openly with other people inflicted with your same disease, because everyone’s battle and outcome is different. I think you have to look at it more as a “Band of Brothers” (and or Sisters/Siblings), meaning that you’ve all been thrown into this horrible situation (much like a war) and you commit to band (and bond) together for the sake of getting through it and knowing that you are not alone. A doctor recently told me that the three worst things for anyone’s health are: Obesity, Stress, and (this is the one that struck me the most) Loneliness. It is great to know that I’m not alone. Joe, Chris, and I all share the same attitude of hope and acceptance and each of us try to search for joy and humor in life every day. In fact, as we all struggled with forgetfulness in the midst of our conversation, Joe coined a phrase that I really like. It is play on one of the famous lip-sync duo Mili Vanilli’s hit songs, he said that when you forget something you can always “Blame it on the Brain” (the Mili Vanilli song for anyone who doesn’t know, was called, “Blame it on the Rain”). With that being said, I’m going to Blame it on the “Brain” when I inform you that it’s only been 8 months since this journey started, not 9 months as I stated in the previous post : ) But please know that everything that I said in the previous post is true no matter how long it’s actually been.

Check out the “Blame it on the Rain” video below

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“Blame it on the Brain” parody video coming soon.