Our Day as Tourists

I have been extremely grateful these past few days because I’ve felt the best physically since before the surgeries. I have energy, my focus is a million times better than it was (as well as my mental stamina). I would say that I almost feel normal or “New Normal”, right? Today was also one of the first days Amy and I have been alone (no moms, no friends…just us) since this all began, so we decided to take advantage of all these factors and have a little fun. The day started with us cheering on our friend Molly who participated in and finished her first Triathlon (Congrats Molly!). After that, we decided that we would spend the afternoon doing “touristy” stuff that we’ve never done in the wonderful city that we live in, the great city of Los Angeles. After much deliberation we decided that we would head into Hollywood and do a little sightseeing. We were hoping that we would also get some celebrity sightings in as well and wouldn’t you know it…We ended up seeing a ton of celebrities. Hey did you know that most celebrities are made of wax? I didn’t know that either, but we have proof…check out the evidence below. Overall, we had a great day and I was able to endure it all pretty well. Thank you so much for your prayers and good vibes.

Feeling grateful,


Chillin' with The Biebs

Amy with her number one fan, Britney!

Me with my comedy hero.

Snoop and A-M-Y D-O double G..."Westsiiiiide"

We're bringing Sexy back

Amy is really just eyeballing the chocolates.


What...You didn't know that Amy was in "African Queen"?

Who's the Psycho?!

No one puts Amy in a corner

Me with my filmmaking hero

The hottest brunettes who have ever lived.

A still from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...and The Ginger Beard"

I almost got in a fight with Will Smith. He was working his magic on Amy and I said, "Oh, hellllllllll Nooooo!"

Just a couple of Aviators.

"Mrs. Moore...You're trying to seduce me."

"Yippee Ki yay --The TV censored version-- Mr. Falcon"

Amy thinks his comment was "rubbish"

Living Strong!!!!