Keep Moving Forward: End of Chemo Cycle 3

The Champ!

Just finished my third cycle of Chemo, which means I’m 1/4 of the way there. I finished my last round two nights ago, and yesterday and today have kicked my butt, pretty good. Having said that, this is the first month where I’m taking the full dose (the first two months were trying to build my tolerance to it) and I did much better this month than last month (which is very encouraging). Amy and I were also recently asked to speak at The UCLA Brain Tumor Conference at the end of March. We’ll be talking about “Understanding the Family Experience” from the perspective of a young adult couple. We would love to be kept in your prayers for this awesome opportunity to speak love and hope into people’s hearts. We will also be picking up our new car this weekend and we’re excited to share that with everyone. It’s been a wish of ours for a long time to get a new car and it was actually something we were looking into right when this all began. We have literally driven both our cars to the ground. Anyway, I’m going to go nap…but I’ll leave you with a speech by the eloquent and remarkable orator, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, talking to his son played by Milo Ventimahalalala, or whatever his name is from the TV show, “Heroes”. It’s from the movie “Rocky XXI” or I guess it’s better known as “Rocky Balboa” and I think this speech is a good reminder for all of us when facing trials of any kind and I also think that we should always be hearing Stallone’s weird voice in our heads when we remind ourselves of it. James 1:2-4.

Much Love,