What I Learned from my Top 10 Movies of 2011

I once had my own film related blog years ago and had a tradition of writing about what “I learned from my top ten favorite films of the year”.  In honor of the Oscars tonight, (and after a year where I’ve probably learned the most in all my life), I thought that I’d continue that tradition.

1. Hugo
– With just a little imagination and faith, anything (or anyone) that is broken can be fixed.










2. Attack the Block
– Only by choosing empathy and coming to an understanding of one another can we overcome evil (especially if evil resembles a black “bear-dog alien” with glowing blue eyes and sharp teeth)










3. The Descendents

– “It is better to go to a house of mourning. Than to go to a house of feasting, Because that is the end of every man, And the living takes it to heart” and you can even find the humor in it.











4. The Help

–  I is kind. I is smart. I is important (and I will never eat chocolate pie again)











5. Midnight in Paris

There is no better time and no better place than NOW (in Paris)











6. Warrior

– Sometimes the only way to find healing is to “Tap Out”











7. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

– It’s hard out there for a pimp…uh, I mean “Spy”











8. Moneyball

– Sometimes in life, the logical approach can mean more than your gut (and that’s okay) as long as you’re listening to the fat dude from Superbad.











9. Tree of Life

– People have a lot in common with dinosaurs.









10. Drive

– Stunt drivers and Nemo’s (Finding Nemo) dad (Albert Brooks) are crazy dudes.