Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

We had one of the best Valentine’s day ever today. It’s a day that at it’s origins marked the sacrifices of early Christian martyrs in Ancient Rome (most notably the Saint Valentine who was jailed by Claudius II because of his refusal to convert to Roman paganism, and right before his execution, in spite of his inevitable death, still performed a miracle by healing his jailer’s blind daughter), it really wasn’t until the Middle Ages that it became associated with romantic love. We took the day, today, to celebrate what the origins of the holiday represents, because that type of sacrifice and love means more to us this year than ever before. We also took a lot of time to just rest and process the past 7 months together (and enjoy a couples massage together as well) and for one of the first times since this all started, we discussed our dreams and desires for our future together. Thank you for still being on this ride with us as there is still a long way to go. We extend our gratitude to you and yours on this day of celebrating all types of love (not just the romantic kind).

A lot of Red!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Alex and Amy

– We continue to ask for prayers for the upcoming MRI on February 22.

– You can also pray for blood tests tomorrow and next week (we would like the white blood cell count to be at a high enough level so that Alex can take his next round of Chemo)