The De-Cancer-Inator: End of Chemo Cycle 2


Well I finished round TWO of TEMODAR!!! on Tuesday and am still feeling some side effects…mostly nausea. But I’m happy to report that seizure activity is definitely down and it was on the last day of the Cycle ONE that I had the big one so there is much to be thankful about this time. RuthMom returned on Tuesday to help out and we’re grateful to have her back. I have another MRI coming up on Feb 22 and would really appreciate good thoughts and prayers. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t feeling a little anxious about it. I would say it’s the equivalent of when you’re learning to swim and you finally let go of whatever it is that’s keeping you afloat (because I’m further out from the safety of surgery/radiation).

For those that have read the previous post TEMODAR!! THE DE-CANCER-INATOR, I mentioned that I found a trailer for the “TEMODAR!!! The De-cancer-inator” movie. Well, I finally posted it below for your enjoyment.

Much Love,