Six Months

Yesterday marked six months since Alex had a major seizure and discovered that he had a “growth” the size of a golf ball in his head which we quickly learned was a cancerous tumor. Within these past six months we have witnessed countless miracles, experienced the unconditional love of friends and family on a daily basis, felt humbled by the kindness and generosity of complete strangers, and have seen our lives (as well as the lives of people around us) change for the better. We have learned to live our lives more genuinely and generously and to see each day as a gift. We have also learned that the world isn’t out to get us and that most people, when given the opportunity, are kind, compassionate, and caring (We’re not being naive…trust us on this one…we’d hate for you to have to be sick with a life-threatening illness to realize this important truth). We’ve been reminded every day that we’re not alone in this and that HOPE is a real thing and not a delusion and is incredibly audacious and profoundly healing. Our hearts are overfilled with gratitude because when Alex was first diagnosed it felt like our dreams (both as individuals and as a couple) were being shattered forever, but six months later, not only do our dreams and aspirations feel palpable, but everything feels pretty much back to normal, thankfully though, it’s “the new normal”, as we feel that we’ve gained more than we’ve lost. There’s no way we could’ve gotten here without your prayers, encouragement, and support. We originally started this blog because, frankly, we were tired of being asked all the time (usually via text) how we were doing. In spite of our selfish motives in the beginning, we are excited to see what the blog has meant to people and that there have even been strangers that have stumbled across it and have been moved by it and passed it on to their friends. It gives us great joy knowing that there are even people who have found our blog that are struggling with their own cancer diagnosis/treatment and have found great hope in our story.

With Hearts filled with Gratitude,

Alex and Amy

We recently visited Kite Hill at Gasworks park...It's where Alex proposed. This is a reenactment.

Prayer Requests:

Alex starts Chemo Cycle 2 tonight. (they are upping the dosage this month so the side effects could be a lot worse that last month)

Alex’s next MRI is at the end of February…Start praying for a clear scan!!!

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