Happy Birthday Alex: End of Chemo Cycle 1

We got so distracted by the seizure that we didn’t get a chance to update you on how the Chemo went. Alex finished his first round of TEMODAR!!! and bravely did “the finishing” (meaning he took the last pill) on the night of the seizure. The treatment went well, as expected (with just some minor side effects), but on Monday, Jan 16, he will have blood drawn to make sure his white blood cell count is at a good level to continue with his next cycle, so prayers for that would be mucho appreciated. Saturday, the 14th (today) is his birthday, and as Alex has continued to point out to everyone, he never thought he’d be so glad to be a year older. I think we can all agree with that sentiment.

Our niece Hannah filmed and interviewed Alex about the Chemo while we were staying at the cabin during the holidays. In it, he talks more about the symptoms/side effects (and one symptom in particular that he wasn’t expecting). We apologize immensely for the fact that the sound quality is a little poor and the camera work a little shaky (iPhone 5 needs a better microphone and a camera stabilizer function if there are any Apple developers reading this), but I think you’ll find it both enlightening and amusing if you’re willing to sit through the whole thing. You’ll notice a censor beep somewhere in the middle of it and Alex wants to make it very clear that it’s only there because he felt like he “bombed” (as in made a “bad joke”) and wanted to cover up the embarrassment he feels from that. He didn’t use any inappropriate language or anything…he just wasn’t funny. There are also a couple parts that are hard to hear, so Alex put subtitles to help you understand better, just in case…(geesh, I can’t believe he went to all that effort…he’s still a perfectionist (like most artists), I guess). Check it out below!

Much Love,