Urgent prayer request!!! Alex just had Another full blown seizure

We thought we were done with full blown seizures forever, as most of you know Alex has been dealing with tiny ones as a result of not quite getting the right dosage and concoction of anti seizure meds, but tonight as he and I sat down to enjoy a nice “comfort food” meal with with our brother and sister-in-law Josh and Jenny, as well as our nephew and niece Jonas and Vera, Alex began having a tonic clonic seizure right as Josh finished saying grace. This time was much different (and thankfully better to some degree) than the first time though in that Alex was more alert during it, it was shorter, and he woke up in the ambulance instead of the ER this time. Thankfully Jenny is a nurse and I was there for the first seizure so I had a much better handle on it this time. I caught him just before he hit his floor. After we got him loaded into the ambulance we called our Oncologist Dr. P on the way to Harborview Hospital. He wasn’t too concerned about it and still thinks that we just need to keep trying to find the right balance of medication to fend them off. We’ve already been discharged and been prescribed some new meds in addition to the dosage of Keppra (anti-seizure meds) he’s already been taking. Please pray for all this…Alex kept crying out “I can’t do those (seizures) anymore! I hate them!” It was hard to see Alex like that and it brought back so many traumatic memories of when this all started (We’re calling the first seizure in July “Zero Hour” or “The New Normal day 1”) but we were encouraged by Dr. P that we’ll get to the bottom of it.

The biggest bummer is that we had a great day before all this. We spent the afternoon at the Woodland Park Zoo with Jonas and we all especially loved the African themed area as you can see in this video.

Jonas made up this song for Alex and it made us smile…Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I think its called “Z-uncle Z-alex”