Update on Amy

Amy got the results of her “MRA” and they didn’t find anything pointing to stenosis of the renal artery which was why she had the procedure done. We are very pleased with the results. Leading up to this, we weren’t sure what the best possible results would be for her because the concern is really about the fact that Amy has hypertension. If they could conclude that the renal artery was the cause of the hypertension then there’s a good chance that they fix the problem once and for all. But as we did more research into the stenosis of the renal artery we learned that it could lead to many other problems besides just hypertension and that the treatment for it could also lead to multiple other complications as well (so we really did get the best results possible). The doctor’s official diagnosis was “simply a case of bad genetics” and she really wasn’t that concerned about it in the long term because Amy’s blood pressure really isn’t too high yet (just higher than it should be for someone her age and size) and through medication and a healthy lifestyle it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Thank you again for your prayers…we’ve had a good week in the Moore household.

: )

Alex and Amy