Last Day of Radiation Celebration

Well…as promised, here is a video of my last day of radiation. I want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate as well as those of you who that were there with me in spirit. I also can’t thank the therapists (Maria, Hussen, Farhad, Cindy, Jesus, Nancy, Phil, and James) enough for taking such good care of me.

This week, the Santa Ana winds flew in like a mad tornado (or should I say “Christmas Tree Missile”) and kicked my butt pretty hard by giving me some type of viral infection so I’m resting up hardcore as I get ready for my first post radiation MRI and meeting with my oncologist to discuss Chemo a week from Friday (I would appreciate prayer and good vibes for all that). Thanks to my good friends Adam and TIMMAY for filming the day and to TIMMAY for putting in the extra time to edit it all together for us. The video is put to the song “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes and even though it follows the same formula of all their other songs (rap verse, and a guest pop singer sings the chorus), I find the lyrics to be very inspiring in this time and has now become my anthem. Hope you enjoy!!!

RuthMom, Amy and I with our radiation buddies Chetan and well as some dude totally photo bombing us

Btw, we’re still looking for ideas for how we should paint my radiation mask. Please leave comments to share your ideas (as many as you want) and whomever has the best suggestion, not only will you get to see your idea come to life, but we will send you a cool prize (You’ll love it, I promise)

Much Love,