Well, Alex is done!!! No “Moore” radiation! It ended up being a wonderful time of celebration because some of our closest friends and family came out to the treatment center to cheer Alex on (we took a lot of pictures and video and we’ll post them soon). When he was done, Alex received a diploma and the therapists gave him his radiation mask to take home with him. The next step is for Alex to take another MRI (which will be 2 weeks from today) and make sure everything is still looking good…then comes the Chemo. We’ll go more into all that in a future post but for now we’re going to be celebrating and enjoying two weeks of freedom for Alex. Thank you again to Dr. Selch and Julie for your expertise in executing the treatment and to all of the radiation “posse” as well as our new friends Anu and Chetan (and their family) for being so loving and caring towards Alex. We’d also like to thank everyone who has been praying for us, checking in with us, sending us encouraging messages and cards etc. We feel so blessed!

Much Love,
Alex and Amy

P.S. We’re still trying to decide what to do with Alex’s mask. He really wants to hang on to it (as a reminder of what he’s been through), and has decided that painting/decorating it would be the best way to deal with it. So we’re officially announcing THE “WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH ALEX’S MASK?” Contest! Just submit your ideas by commenting on this post. If we pick your idea, not only will you get to see it come to life but we’ll also send you a prize (it’s a surprise…but we promise you’ll like it) for your winning idea. The ideas we like so far are Spiderman and Storm Trooper.

I graduated!!!

Still trying to decide what to do with it. You got any ideas?