Whole Foods Parking Lot

After a very relaxing acupuncture session I asked RuthMom if she could swing by Whole Foods so I could pick up a few snackies. When we got there it was the typical Whole Foods parking lot experience: filled to the brim with lots of smug people driving hybrids and vespas (I do strongly endorse the use of hybrids by the way…just don’t be all uppity about it). After waiting for a good 10 minutes to even enter the parking lot, I told RuthMom that she could just let me out and that I would just run in and grab stuff quickly. As I got out a very rare occasion at Whole Foods occurred, a parking spot opened up (but it was someone driving a Charcoal Prius which isn’t rare at all) and as I was walking towards the entrance, RuthMom backed into me (with her blue Prius), hitting me pretty hard in my right hip and causing me to twist my ankle. The funniest thing was that a woman (driving a white Prius) was ready to throw down with my mom until I assured her that everything was okay. Afterwards, RuthMom (obviously feeling terrible about it) asked me if I was okay and even though I was in pain I started laughing and told her that she just better be okay with getting ribbed about it for a (very) long time. The video posted below is dedicated to you RuthMom.

The aftermath. Nursing my hip.