Wear your Grey Ribbon Tomorrow

Well, after a rainy day in SoCal in which I gave Amy a hard time about owning an umbrella (you can take the boy outta Seattle but not the Seattle outta the boy…everyone knows that no one uses an umbrella in Seattle…we just wear Gortex) , I no longer resemble Brian Bosworth. More hair has fallen out and I’m now looking more like Keith Flint from the mid-late 90’s electronica group The Prodigy (you can see a pic of him below if you don’t know who I’m talking about). I actually remember when I was 16, I went to “Endfest”, an alternative music festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Central Washington put on by 107.7 The End (the modern rock station in Seattle) and my friends and I had stopped at the bank on our way and while we waited to use the ATM we saw this dude in a kilt and a shaved head except for the sides which were spiked up (It looked like what could be best described as “a reverse mohawk”) and I remember thinking that he looked awesome and that I wish that I had the “cajones” to cut my hair like that. Later that night the headlining act, The Prodigy, came on stage and we found out that that same guy was the lead singer, Keith Flint, needless to say my friends and I freaked out and now 15 years later, it looks like I’ve finally found the “cajones” to “style” my hair that way.

This is pretty close to how I look minus the green.

I’m now officially 4 weeks down with radiation and my last day will be the day after Thanksgiving (what a great thing to be celebrating on Thanksgiving, huh?). To be honest, it hasn’t been the most comfortable thing thus far, but it also hasn’t been too bad either, just some minor fatigue and an irritated scalp mostly (and hair loss obviously).

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my mom took me to the airport to see some old friends (the Knodels) who were going to be in town for a “medical conference” and instead I saw my brother Josh walking towards us…I do have to give props to my mom who actually did a good job fooling me even though she was acting very strange right up to picking Josh up. As happy as I was to see my brother, I do have to admit I was a little bummed that I wasn’t seeing the Knodels, but after seeing Josh I knew that meant he came down to participate in the “Go Gray LA” race on Sunday. I want to again extend my gratitude and thanks to all who have donated and are participating in the race. I firmly believe that all the support, prayer, and encouragement I’ve received will do far more for my outcome than any beam of radiation or chemo pill. The final roster number for our team on Sunday is 60 people and we’ve exceeded our donation goal but if you’re still interested in helping you can actually donate until the end of November (just check out the previous blog post for the links). One of the things that I’ve found with this disease is that because it’s relatively rare it doesn’t get a lot of attention (research/awareness) compared to other more common diseases. It usually takes impacting someone you know or a celebrity (Ted Kennedy) to actually get the attention and support it needs, so anything you can do to help with either research or awareness would be mucho appreciated, in fact, for anyone who is not participating in the race, one thing that you could do is wear a grey ribbon (grey is the color for brain cancer obviously) on Sunday in solidarity with us. I’m really looking forward to doing this run…I’ve been calling it my “coming out” party because it will be the first time stepping out into the cancer community and knowing that I’ll have 59 close friends plus thousands of others running alongside me gives me great comfort.