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I’m sorry that it’s been a little bit since we’ve updated. As many of you know we’ve moved into our new place and even though the company that we signed up with for cable/internet came and installed everything on Thursday, they for some reason immediately shut it off that night (I won’t name which company it is because that wouldn’t be fair to them and we’ve had our iPhones through them for years so we’re loyal like that…anyone catch that?) and we just finally got internet this morning. The latest update is that I started week 4 (halfway there) of radiation yesterday and the hair loss has started. It’s not too bad actually, it’s just a little patchy like they said it would be. In fact the way it looks reminds me of the Brian Bosworth hairstyle from the 90’s so I just tell everyone I’m bringing it back.

We’ve also had two public screenings to packed houses of my short film “Mayhem” within the last week and each of them have gone extremely well. At the first screening, people cheered at the end (I’m still confident that it was a genuine cheer and not a charitable one) and there were also some heroes (filmmakers/entertainers) of mine there, so it made for a special evening. We’ve now entered it into 45 film festivals and we’ll do our best to keep you updated as to where and when it’s playing. I posted some pics (taken by the beautiful and talented Rebecca Burchett-Morgan) from our second screening below.

Rockin "The Boz"

The Man, The Myth, The Hair

L-R: Richard, my partner in Crime, and I introducing the film, Amy and I with our Visual Effects Supe "H" and his (and our) family, Richard and I with our awesome cinematographer Jesse and his lovely wife Kate, Amy and her BFFs, Showing off my smile with Alexis

Lastly, this coming Sunday is the “Go Grey LA” race that I’ve posted about on here. I want to first thank all of you that have already donated to the cause and of course joined our team. We still have a little ways to go to meet our measly goal of $4,000 so if you or someone you know would be interested in helping fight Brain Cancer please click on the links below to make a donation. We’ve already obliterated our goal of getting 20 team members, we’re going to have close to 50 people running with us, including my awesome neurosurgeon Dr. Yang. I plan to lightly jog the 5k so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers on Sunday.

Our Team T-Shirts!!! I

Here are the links to our donation pages

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