All Moved In

Well it was a day that we’ve been waiting for since this all began, we finally moved into a bigger place. We went from a a very dark one bedroom/one bath that was jammed with four people (us plus our moms) a majority of the time, to a very bright three bedroom/two bath and the move was just down the hall. The timing, plus the fact that Alex has lived in the building for a long time worked a miracle in terms of us being able to get it, so thank you for your prayers and thoughts. We believe that this new place will be the perfect place of rest, healing, and peace that Alex needs during this time of recovery.

This is what the place looked liked before we moved in. A professional wax artist lived here.

We’re also looking forward to a lot game nights and dinners with friends now that we can finally host them. We also would like to thank the “moving crew”, Tim, Matt, Luke, Winston, Tony, Stacie, Adam, David and Katelyn (who also babysat Alex for most of the day). You guys were amazing and Tim and David were especially “superstars” because they spent several hours putting together Alex’s new desk that came with no labels and vague instructions. We christened the new place by playing Amy’s favorite game, “Michael Jackson: The Experience” (it’s a Wii game where you mirror all of Michael Jackson’s dance moves) and we also got our first neighbor complaint (we were testing our surround sound) so it already feels like home. This day also put a cap to week two of radiation and as we go into week three, we’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers because this is when people generally start feeling symptoms from the treatment.

Much Love,
Alex and Amy

P.S. The cast and crew screening of Alex’s short film went really well. We’ll be posting pics soon.

Our new living room is probably the size of our old apartment

Our new kitchen (and fridge)

Alex's new office

Playing some Michael Jackson

"Girl", our kitty, already feeling right at home.

Proud of their accomplishment