Week 2

Well, after battling a grueling traffic jam (probably caused by someone updating their extremely important Facebook status…ha! you know you’ve done it), I showed up to my radiation treatment a half hour late…but my “radiation posse”, as I like to call them, were cool and ready for me…I also met with my Radiation Oncologist Dr. Selch and his resident Julie afterwards and they both said that everything seems to be going well and on track…I also asked Julie to explain to me how the radiation works exactly, so she drew me a picture and if you’re interested in learning about how radiation of the brain works, I’ve posted the drawing below.

Radiation Diagram

In the drawing, Julie compared tumor cells to crabs, the crustacean, not the other thing (which still grossed out Amy and I) and explained that surgery attacks the “crabs” bodies and that radiation gets rid of the remaining “crab body parts” that are still around the tumor cavity after surgery. If you look at the diagram, you’ll see that the dotted lines represent the radiation beams (which she compared to bolts of lightning) and that they attack the cavity from different angles and where the beams meet is the most potent dose of radiation and hopefully where a majority of the tumor cells or “crab body parts” remain. After radiation, Chemo then goes after any possible straggler “crabs” that may have escaped. So now, on top of being majorly grossed out, you can say that you understand how radiation of the brain works (hopefully it will help you out with trivia games or pub quizzes in the future…you can thank me later).

Amy and I have a lot going on this week on top of the radiation…We’re moving this weekend and on Thursday we’re having our first public screening (just for cast and crew) of the short film “Mayhem” that I was working on when all this happened …I’m very proud of the way the film turned out and here is the link to our imdb page if you want to check it out…http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1780903/…we’ll be entering it into festivals this winter and i’ll keep you posted here on the blog on how it does and if it will be playing in your home town at any point. Thanks again for your prayers and support…It’s making a world of difference.

Much Love,