Radiation Pants

There are 3 things that have become a part of my daily routine since all this began and they are baths, sweat pants, and McFlurries and now that I just finished day 3 of radiation, I’ve been able to get a feel for it’s routine. The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is that there isn’t a lot of comfort in the buttocks region when I lay on the table and even though the radiation only takes like 5-10 minutes, it is still long enough to make me a little squirrelly by the end (which isn’t good). So I used my brain (which still works pretty well by the way) and engineered an idea that I finally implemented and I have to say that it works pretty well. I knew that if I just had a little extra padding down there it would make a world of difference so I put on a pair of bicycle shorts and threw on my new favorite sweatpants over them (I think it would be weird if I showed up in just the shorts) to create what I call “Radiation pants”. Look for them to be in stores next Spring.

....and Step 2. Ready to get nuked!

Radiation Pants Step 1












The process is getting quicker so the last two days I’ve only had time to listen to two songs a piece.

Radiation Day 2 Playlist:

“Marooned” by Pink Floyd

“My Girls” by Animal Collective

Radiation Day 3 Playlist:

“Move” By CSS

“Unluck” By James Blake

Never mind the mess in the pictures. We’re getting ready to move in the next couple days.

Much Love,