No More Whammies!

I think Amy should be nominated for a CNN Hero Award. Early this morning (like 3AM) my mom Ruth (Ruthmom) was feeling some severe stiffness and pain in her neck and couldn’t sleep…She also had some flu like symptoms leading up to this morning so we were all worried that it could be Meningitis. Amy drove us to the ER and we discovered that it was actually severe Arthritis in the lower neck and upper back…not great news…but certainly better than Meningitis. They gave my mom some pain meds and muscle relaxers and sent us home. She’s been laid out all day and Amy stepped up big time and took care of the both of us today and was a total champ through it all. This, along with losing my cell phone, were definitely huge curveballs/whammies thrown at us the last couple days and we’re done with “whammies” for now, so we’re asking for prayer for “Big Bucks! Big Bucks! No More Whammies!” (Google “Press Your Luck” if you don’t get the reference) as we move into the start of radiation which we now know begins at 1:00pm on Monday. Speaking of which, I did my “Verification Simulation” today where they did some last minute x-rays to make sure the doctor’s “plan of attack” will work and that they have all the physics right, etc. We listened to some Pink Floyd as they took x-rays so it felt like going to a laser show at the Pacific Science Center (Seattle reference) which was one of my favorite things to do growing up. I also got to wear the mask again and decided that it feels less like a tennis racket and more like a shuttlecock (Badminton “Birdie” is probably the more politically correct term these days).

Please pray for no more whammies!

Amy, the champ!

In the midst of all this, we are also moving to a bigger place this next weekend. We’re excited about the new space but not looking forward to all the prep and work that moving requires. Thanks again for all your prayer and encouragement. This blog has been very therapeutic for us so we really appreciate the enthusiasm and support that you’ve given us. Keep it up!!!

Much Love,